A Call for Urgent Action: Addressing the Rise in Violence Against Indian Entrepreneurs in Mexico

A Call for Urgent Action: Addressing the Rise in Violence Against Indian Entrepreneurs in Mexico


At Areness Foundation we express deep concern regarding the escalating violence targeting Indian entrepreneurs in Mexico. This alarming trend not only jeopardizes the safety and security of a valuable community but also threatens to undermine the economic partnership between the two nations.

Broken Promises: The 2008 MOU and the Erosion of Safety

In 2008, India and Mexico signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering a secure and prosperous environment for international business ventures. The MOU outlined a commitment to collaboration and the protection of business interests. However, recent events paint a starkly contrasting picture. The surge in violence against Indian entrepreneurs represents a blatant disregard for the promises enshrined in the MOU, eroding trust and creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

The Devastating Impact: Beyond Individual Ordeals

The human cost of this violence is undeniable. In March 2023, a brutal attack on Rajesh Kumar, a textile business owner in Mexico City, left him hospitalized and his business facing significant financial strain. This is just one example. In the first half of 2024 alone, there have been at least ten reported cases of violence and extortion targeting Indian businesses across various Mexican states. The recent attack on a group of Indian construction workers in Monterrey in May 2024 further highlights the vulnerability of all Indian professionals in Mexico.

This systematic pattern of intimidation and violence has a profound impact beyond individual victims. It discourages new investments from Indian entrepreneurs, hindering economic growth and innovation in Mexico. Existing businesses are forced to operate under a constant cloud of fear, often resorting to scaling down operations or even complete closure. This not only weakens the Indian business presence in Mexico but also deprives the Mexican economy of valuable contributions, including job creation, foreign investment, and knowledge transfer.

Unveiling the Underlying Causes

Understanding the root causes of this violence is critical to formulating effective solutions. Here are some potential contributing factors:

  • Lack of Awareness: Limited understanding among Mexican authorities and the public about the significant contributions of Indian entrepreneurs to the Mexican economy might lead to a disregard for their safety and security.
  • Language Barriers: Communication gaps due to language barriers can hinder effective interaction between Indian entrepreneurs and local law enforcement, hindering investigations and access to justice.
  • Corruption and Impunity: A potential lack of trust in the legal system and instances of corruption within law enforcement can embolden perpetrators and discourage victims from reporting crimes.
  • Organized Crime: The presence of organized crime syndicates in certain regions of Mexico could be targeting Indian businesses for extortion or other criminal activities.
  • Socio-Economic Disparity: In some cases, resentment towards the perceived economic success of Indian entrepreneurs, particularly in specific sectors, could be fuelling tensions within local communities.

Recommendations for a Safer Future

Areness Foundation urges the Mexican government to take immediate and decisive action to address this crisis. We advocate for a multi-pronged approach that prioritizes the safety and well-being of Indian entrepreneurs, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoting peaceful, just, and inclusive societies (SDG 16).

  • Strengthening Law Enforcement: A significant increase in law enforcement presence in areas with high concentrations of Indian businesses is essential. Additionally, specialized training for officers on cultural sensitivities and effective communication with international entrepreneurs is crucial. This will foster trust and encourage victims to report crimes. Establishing dedicated investigative units within law enforcement agencies to focus specifically on crimes targeting international businesses can improve investigation efficiency and conviction rates.
  • Dedicated Support Systems: The establishment of specialized support centres for international entrepreneurs, with staff fluent in Hindi and other relevant languages, is paramount. These centres should provide comprehensive services, including legal aid, counselling, interpretation services, and assistance in navigating the Mexican legal system. Additionally, a 24/7 helpline accessible in Hindi can offer immediate support and guidance during emergencies.
  • Streamlined Complaint Mechanisms: A robust and transparent system for entrepreneurs to report incidents and track the progress of investigations must be implemented. This system should be accessible through both local authorities and the Mexican Embassy in India. A dedicated online portal for reporting crimes, available in multiple languages, can further streamline the process. The system should incorporate a witness protection program to encourage individuals to come forward with information without fear of retribution.
  • Enhanced Diplomatic Engagement: We urge for regular high-level diplomatic dialogues between India and Mexico to ensure the commitments made under the 2008 MOU are upheld. These dialogues should specifically address the safety and security concerns of Indian nationals in Mexico. Joint task forces comprised of law enforcement officials from both countries can be established to facilitate collaboration and information sharing. Information sharing protocols can be implemented to ensure real-time communication regarding potential threats and ongoing investigations.


The rising violence against Indian entrepreneurs in Mexico is a grave concern that needs urgent attention. While the 2008 MOU between the two countries promised a secure environment for business operations, the reality has been starkly different. It is imperative for both nations to work together to address this issue and create a safer, more supportive atmosphere for Indian businesses in Mexico. Only through concerted efforts can the promises of economic cooperation and mutual prosperity be truly realized.