Our Role

Our Role

Our Role

Where does our foundation contrast with other organizations committed to global investment?

Mostly, discussions revolve around two primary sectors: the public and private. The private sector excels in product and service development, while the public sector, namely the government, is adept at delivering solutions to address the needs of the entire population.

While the private and public sectors, either individually or collaboratively, often succeed in meeting people’s needs, there exist gaps or areas where certain individuals do not receive the necessary support for leading healthy and productive lives.

Consider the historical scenario of the vaccine market a generation ago. In affluent countries, the market for vaccines functioned effectively, providing immunization against various diseases. However, this system did not extend its benefits to other parts of the world. Some vaccines were unavailable to most people, as the private sector refrained from selling them in low-income countries due to uncertain demand. Governments tried intervention but could not coordinate funding, partnerships, and logistics effectively. Consequently, millions of children succumbed to preventable diseases annually. Areness Foundation Linkedin Page

Philanthropies play a crucial role in addressing such challenges, and this is how we delineate the purpose of our foundation.

How does our foundation actively contribute to problem-solving? What specific actions does our foundation undertake?

Here’s a Detailed Insight into Our Operational Approach

Envisioning a healthy and productive life for everyone, Areness Foundation’s operates through multiple avenues.

Fostering Innovations

Enhancing the well-being of humanity by addressing areas overlooked by governments and businesses.

Enhancing International Collaboration

By bringing together governments, businesses, philanthropies, and communities to preserve and positively impact lives globally.

Producing Superior Quality Data and Evidence

Facilitating advancement by illustrating effective and ineffective approaches.

About Areness Foundation

Good governance enables an environment conducive to respecting human rights, growth, and sustainable human development. The United Nations (UN) ensures a robust inclination toward the realization of human rights in a non-abusive and corruption-free environment. This rule of law helps strengthen democracy, promote transparency, and capacity in public administration.

Focused on eight major characteristics of participation, rule of law, consensus oriented, equity and inclusiveness, efficiency, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness, good governance is an essential element of a framework within which economies can prosper.

In an attempt to influence good governance in the state, private sector, and civil society, Areness Foundation’s is the required philanthropic organization to promote effective governance of the economy, improve the well-being of people, and promise a sustainable future. Major donors and international financial institutions, like the International Monetary Fund or World Bank, are also basing their aid and loans on the condition that the recipient undertakes reforms ensuring good governance.

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