Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation

SDG 9 emphasizes building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation for economic development. The goal recognizes the role of infrastructure and innovation in fostering economic growth, promoting job creation, and supporting sustainable development.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • Develop quality, reliable, and resilient infrastructure for economic development and well-being, emphasizing affordable access for all.
  • Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, aiming to increase industry’s share in employment and GDP by 2030, with a focus on least developed countries.
  • Improve access to financial services for small-scale enterprises, especially in developing countries, integrating them into value chains and markets.
  • Upgrade infrastructure and industries by 2030 to enhance sustainability, resource efficiency, and adoption of clean technologies, with all countries acting based on their capabilities.
  • Enhance scientific research and technological capabilities, encouraging innovation and increasing research and development workers and spending by 2030, especially in developing countries.
  • Provide financial, technological, and technical support for sustainable infrastructure development in developing countries, with a focus on African nations, least developed countries, landlocked, and small island developing States.
  • Support technology development, research, and innovation in developing countries, fostering a conducive policy environment for industrial diversification and value addition to commodities.
  • Substantially increase access to information and communication technology, aiming for universal and affordable Internet access in least developed countries by 2020.
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